Driven Hunt

Live the experience of this exciting traditional hunting modality offered by Spain, where shooting skills will be fundamental to hunt the appreciated red partridge. In a hunting day, with RV-HUNTING IN SPAIN, between 5 to 12 hunters are strategically positioned, ready to shoot the partridges that cross the line of posts, driven by the tireless work of the scouts, making between 5 or 6 hunts a day, which will make the day remain in your memory as a hunter forever.



Due to the speed of flight of the partridge, and the amount of partridges that are shot in a single day, all those hunters who have tried this type of hunting, return fully satisfied with the experience and repeat their hunt year after year.

In RV-HUNTING IN SPAIN we select meticulously the most exclusive hunting places in Spain, so that you can live like never before the red-legged partridge hunting in driven Hunt. Being a hunt in which other hunters participate, enjoy sharing stories, anecdotes and good times lived during these hunting days. Being the hunting season from October to March.