Driven Hunt

The “montería”, is a hunting modality, of great tradition and rooted in Spain. It is a type of collective hunting in which between 20 or 30 hunters will share, each one in his place, a day of hunting full of sensations and emotions unique to the Spanish “montería”.

In this type of hunting, the dogs and their guides are fundamental, and they will make the deer, wild boars, fallow deer and mouflons, cross the stands of the different hunters, testing the hunter’s shooting skills, because most of the time, the shot is made with the animal running, which makes it more difficult and more exciting at the same time.

The sounds of the Spanish montería, make this modality unique in the world, with countless dogs barking at the same time, guides shouting encouragement to their dogs, animals running inside the mountain, shots to try to hunt those animals… and the set of all those sounds, make you enjoy during the whole time the hunt lasts.

Once the hunt is over, it is time to share with the group of hunters and friends, the experiences, anecdotes, lessons, and impressions lived during the hunting day, usually in the heat of a good fire.

The montería is practiced from October to February, being a good complement to your trip to hunt other species. In Rv-huntinginspain, we will look for the hunting trip that best suits your tastes, or even organize the hunting trip for you and your group of friends, being the staff a specialist in this type of hunting that we have been practicing from generation to generation.