If there is one animal that stands out in Spain for its uniqueness, it is THE IBEX OF SPAIN. Throughout Spain, there are four different subspecies of ibex: Gredos, Beceite, southeast and Ronda. Its morphological characteristics and its habitat, make that this animal cannot be retained by wire fences or walls, so the guarantee of authentic hunting is 100%. In Rv-Hunting in Spain, we are specialists in hunting these magnificent specimens and have a wide variety of hunting grounds where you can enjoy wonderful landscapes while hunting this unique animal. But that’s not all, the Rv-Hunting in Spain staff goes further and gives you the opportunity to combine hunting with an unforgettable tourist experience. Each of the four subspecies is located close to unique cities and monuments, allowing you to enjoy their exquisite gastronomy and immerse yourself in their history.

Ronda Ibex

South-East Ibex

Beceite Ibex

Gredos Ibex